Sunday, June 26, 2022




v  To Support Woman Empowerment.
v  To felicitate to the differently able professionals financially, morally and socially.
v  To facilitate NGOs and other likeminded organizations to conduct meetings and conferences and documentations reflecting development of the society.
v  To establish a strong linkages among information centers, education centers and other organizations.
v  To automate the activity of information centers, education organizations, public and private institutions in India and to collaborate and developing relationship with national and international agencies for achieving the goal and objectives of society.
v  To initiate social activities and trainings for girls, women, students, poor peoples and senior citizens of India.
v  To publish newsletters, journals and books etc, which will help to achieve the objectives of the society?
v  To promote literacy, cultural and social activities by Awareness programs, education classes, lectures, competitions, exhibitions, symposiums, seminars, workshops, cultural programs and press conferences.
v  To invite the applications from the various institution for the franchise to use the name of the society.
v  To institute scholarships and awards for deserving professionals of deferent discipline for their excellence performance.
v  To create awareness within the community members so that they can be an integral part of governance.
       To ensure proper advocacy and literacy related to development of hutment of human being living in the remote area