Sunday, June 26, 2022



LAKSHYA SWASTH SAMAJ FOUNDATION try to reach to a level of sustainability that we must focus on prevention, even more than cure, so as to reduce the 'disease burden' on common man. Under "Swachch Bharat" mission, millions of toilets have been built, many of which remain unutilized. Here, we play a key role by focusing upon awareness generation and attitudinal change through consistent engagements with the communities and schools. LAKSHYA SWASTH SAMAJ FOUNDATION work with government agencies to make sure expectant mothers receive ample nutrition and get their vaccines in time. Volunteers also work with children to make sure they are vaccinated and that they are not malnourished. As in present pandemic situation of COVID- 19, LAKSHYA SWASTH SAMAJ FOUNDATION try to educate people about the precautions one should follow to keep safe and the various guidelines which are released by GOI time to time. Also, provide correct and reliable information about the various myths about the COVID-19 and vaccinations etc.

LAKSHYA SWASTH SAMAJ FOUNDATION engaged in fulfilling health and social needs of groups like women, elderly and vulnerable local communities, dealing with specific health issues such as alcoholism, promoting health rights, performing preventive health programs.

The main task of LAKSHYA SWASTH SAMAJ FOUNDATION in the health system is providing services and health advocacy. Provision of services includes medical, social and psychological services as well as, integration activities, care and nursing, material and financial support, educational and information services and training.

The poor are the target group of water and sanitation, nutrition, communicable diseases, and family planning activities, in that order. For the general public, the main activities encompassed a larger area that included water and sanitation, nutrition, social diseases, mental health and drug addiction which constitute the main activities, in that order. The lead areas for youth were sexually transmitted diseases, family planning, drugs combined with nutrition and water and sanitation